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Who we work with

We are committed to working with local organisations and businesses

We work for businesses, housing associations, management companies, construction companies, boroughs, parishes, schools, charities, voluntary organisations, sports clubs, land owners and individuals. Examples of what we do for whom include:


Metropolitan is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing and care and support services. Streetwise service and maintain 1500 properties throughout the Nottinghamshire area to include ground maintenance and cleaning services.

We also work with Metropolitan to deliver community projects, for example, the creation of a community allotment in Bingham in 2016. The project was set up for Metropolitan residents – particularly those who couldn’t commit to managing a full plot by themselves but still wanted to garden – to learn how to grow healthy, fresh, organic produce. Streetwise initially grew all of the vegetables from seed and donated these to the project. The project is operated on a totally voluntary basis and is open to all.


Wates are one of the largest privately owned construction companies in the UK. Streetwise delivers landscaping, grounds maintenance and cleaning contracts for a number of the company’s developments.

Wates are committed to sustainability programmes and ensuring that they invest in their corporate social responsibility, a philosophy that dovetails with Streetwise. A landscaping project for Bluecoat School offers pupils an opportunity to get involved in the planting.

Emily Neary of Streetwise Environmental talks about the company's work with Wates, and some of the social projects they support:


Streetwise is developing a working relationship with Farrans construction who deliver building and civil engineering services throughout the UK and Ireland in a wide variety of sectors including healthcare, hotels, schools, and residential. Streetwise is currently delivering a cleaning schedule for the new Rushcliffe Arena which Farrans are developing.

Aldercar High School:

Streetwise provides the grounds maintenance contract for Aldercar High School in Derbyshire, currently servicing 800 students. We carry out a wide range of services for this school including grass cutting, tree maintenance and shrub pruning.

Rushcliffe Borough Council:

Streetwise provides environmental, grounds maintenance and on-street services to Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC). Since 2014, Streetwise has operated as a wholly council-owned trading company subject to a Teckal exemption. This protects the core contract with Rushcliffe whilst allowing Streetwise to demonstrate its competitiveness in the marketplace by trading work with the public and private sections.

The Streetwise workforce has benefited from the transition through access to a wider range of work and training opportunities, as well as flexible working and reward schemes that have been successfully implemented.

Social values and principles of local growth and employment are central to Streetwise. Through partnering with small businesses, employing locally and offering routes to work for homeless and long-term unemployed residents the company provides increasing social as well as economic and environmental benefits. The Streetwise brand is also seen as important. As well as providing a distinct identity for existing and future employees, Streetwise is already a visible and respected brand within the borough with Rushcliffe recognised as one of the cleanest place in the country.

Brooksby Melton College:

Streetwise provides training in PA1 and PA6 and IOSH to this specialist independent college based in the heart of Leicestershire which specializes in land based courses such as agriculture and landscaping.

Babington College:

Streetwise work closely with Babington college to offer work experience with the intent to facilitate apprenticeships for young people. We currently work with students who have had a difficult background and need support with integrating into work situations. Potential candidates are regularly interviewed from Babington College by our team, successful interviewees are offered a twelve-week training programme that can subsequently lead to an offer to join our apprenticeship scheme where they are able to complete their qualifications whilst gaining valuable experience within the work place.

GWR Benches Ltd:

The Great Western Railway (GWR) was founded in 1833 and linked London with the south west, the Midlands and Wales. Original cast iron and wooden GWR benches can still be seen at some railway stations, but an English company is now producing strong and functional replicas of this iconic piece of street furniture.

Streetwise Environmental has partnered with GWR Benches Ltd and is the sole distributor for Local Authorities and Parish Councils across the UK. Lovers of the stylish GWR bench will be delighted to find them reappearing in public gardens, open spaces, parks, communal areas and social activity spaces all over the country.