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Snow and ice - be prepared!

By Amanda McCaw on Wednesday 21st December, 2016
Salt and grit are your best friend through the winter months. Don't wait till the temperature drops, add some tubs to your shopping list now if you haven't already got any. Then they're available whenever the need arises. Brown rock salt contains large granules and its colour is useful as its visible on snow. It can be spread manually or mechanically on larger areas. Streetwise provides a grit-spreading service for many businesses and commercial customers and private individuals. It's easy to have an arrangement for us to grit-spread as soon as the temperature is forecast to drop to zero. Businesses that rely on customer footfall such as pubs, supermarkets, schools, industrial units, benefit from knowing that their premises are always accessible by grit-spreading last thing at night and first thing in the morning. A word of warning - some external floorings such as York stone are damaged by grit - an organic substitute should be used. If snow falls, early action pays dividends. The longer it lies, the more impacted it becomes, ice forms at the base, it becomes increasingly hazardous, is harder to clear, and it takes longer to melt. So for manageable areas, get outside with a shovel and deal with it! If you're unable to do this yourself, or if the area is large, give us a call. Streetwise will clear footpaths, drives, walkways around businesses, leisure centres, community areas and sheltered homes - anywhere that can't be reached by a snow plough. If you have an emergency, we offer an out of hours help line for weather-related problems. Between 5pm and 7am, when the office isn't fully manned, you can contact our emergency call centre on 0115 981 1143. So don't let the weather spoil the festivities, be prepared for all meteorological eventualities! Bob Alderton, Operations Director

Happy Christmas to Nottingham

By Amanda McCaw on Monday 5th December, 2016
Our 'tree of light' in West Bridgford is becoming something of a tradition. For the second year, we've dressed a London Plane Tree in Tudor Square with 2,500 low energy lights. Last year’s light show received so many lovely comments, we thought we’d better do it again! Tudor Square is now looking very festive and we hope that shoppers, visitors and residents alike enjoy the display. The lights switch-on was a fabulous event and we were very happy to be involved - setting up the stalls for those selling Christmas gifts, mulled wine and festive food, and cleaning up everything afterwards. A very happy Christmas to all The Streetwise Team

Winter weather - be prepared!

By Amanda McCaw on Monday 14th November, 2016
Autumn 2016 has been a benign one. The warmest October for many years has meant the beautiful colours have lasted, and we’ve enjoyed blue skies, gentle winds, and little in the way of meteorological drama. But November has brought with it the first signs of winter, temperatures have dropped, there have been a few frosts, and some heavy rain. We’re reminded that winter can be delayed, but not avoided altogether! Our workload can be unpredictable in the winter months, and we keep an eagle eye on the weather forecasts. While we’re always on hand to deal with emergencies, there’s plenty we can all do to prepare for extreme conditions. Water, snow and ice are the main protagonists at this time of year, and in this blog we look at preventing and dealing with rainfall and water issues. Awareness of the damage that water can do is sadly increasing. Recent years have seen so many periods where flooding has affected individuals and businesses. The biggest problem with flooding is that once the water has started coming in, the damage is already done. Early anticipation of a potential problem is the best possible plan - better safe than sorry. So for anyone who knows that flooding has been a problem in the past, or who thinks their home or premises may be under threat, set yourself up with a supply of sandbags. Apart from in the most extreme situations, protecting all external doors with sandbags prevents the water finding its way in. Streetwise delivers sandbags on behalf of RBC. We will work 24 hours a day, and can have 20 vehicles delivering sandbags to any location within the borough. But it goes without saying that as soon as a flooding situation becomes apparent, demand is huge, and there is a limit to the number of sandbags that can be distributed. If you wait until the water is at door level to take action, by the time the sandbags are delivered, it could be too late. The knowledge that you have your own sandbags and are master of your own destiny is incredibly reassuring. But if you haven’t adopted this belt and braces position, and need to rely on a third party, notify the Council as soon as you think there may be a problem, not when there is already a problem. Get your call in early. It sounds so obvious, but sandbags at your doors can make the difference between being flooded or not. Another cause of water penetration is blocked gutters and drains. Preventative action that should be taken in autumn is to make sure gutters are clear, and have respect for your drains – don’t expect them to deal with fat and materials that can cause blockages. At Streetwise we have clever and efficient kit for gutter-clearing, a service that we provide to businesses, schools, or private individuals. Annual gutter clearing is a very sensible preventative measure. So our message is, BE PREPARED! But if you have an emergency, we offer an out of hours help line for problems due to flooding or storm damage. Between 5pm and 7am, when the office isn’t fully manned, you can contact our emergency call centre, on 0115 981 1143. Our next blog post will be about dealing with the difficulties presented by snow and ice. Bob Alderton, Operations Manager