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Happy New school year for Bluecoat Academy Primary School

By Amanda McCaw on Friday 27th January, 2017
January '17 didn't just represent a new year for the 420+ pupils of Bluecoat Academy Primary School, it also heralded an exciting new building. We're proud to have played a part in the state of the art premises at Bilborough, having been commissioned by the construction company, Wates, to undertake the landscaping and planting. In the run-up to the 11th December when the project was completed and the school moved in, we were kept busy turfing, prepping, bulb and tree planting. The new school building and grounds look fabulous and the pupils are settling in well to their new environment. We will be looking after the grounds for the first year while they mature, ensuring the new planting thrives. We were delighted to celebrate the completion of the new school building by hosting an Owl Experience day for the pupils in the new school hall. Bob Morley who runs the educational experience centre, Owl Experience, brought four of his owls to Bluecoat Academy in December. Because of the recent outbreak of bird flu, the owls were confined to the hall, but this didn't spoil anyone's enjoyment! Bob's talk was packed full of information and facts about his beautiful and magnificent birds, and the children were encouraged to interact and ask questions, and to sketch the birds. They were also given the opportunity to handle the owls, see them fly, and learn valuable and interesting information about how they are trained and cared for. As an extra moving-in present, we gave the school two magnificent Christmas trees ? one for the grounds of their old school while they were waiting for the handover date, and another for the new school hall ? we think the owls appreciated it too! We wish the staff and pupils of Bluecoat Academy Primary School all the very best in their new home. The Streetwise Team

Snow and ice - be prepared!

By Amanda McCaw on Wednesday 21st December, 2016
Salt and grit are your best friend through the winter months. Don't wait till the temperature drops, add some tubs to your shopping list now if you haven't already got any. Then they're available whenever the need arises. Brown rock salt contains large granules and its colour is useful as its visible on snow. It can be spread manually or mechanically on larger areas. Streetwise provides a grit-spreading service for many businesses and commercial customers and private individuals. It's easy to have an arrangement for us to grit-spread as soon as the temperature is forecast to drop to zero. Businesses that rely on customer footfall such as pubs, supermarkets, schools, industrial units, benefit from knowing that their premises are always accessible by grit-spreading last thing at night and first thing in the morning. A word of warning - some external floorings such as York stone are damaged by grit - an organic substitute should be used. If snow falls, early action pays dividends. The longer it lies, the more impacted it becomes, ice forms at the base, it becomes increasingly hazardous, is harder to clear, and it takes longer to melt. So for manageable areas, get outside with a shovel and deal with it! If you're unable to do this yourself, or if the area is large, give us a call. Streetwise will clear footpaths, drives, walkways around businesses, leisure centres, community areas and sheltered homes - anywhere that can't be reached by a snow plough. If you have an emergency, we offer an out of hours help line for weather-related problems. Between 5pm and 7am, when the office isn't fully manned, you can contact our emergency call centre on 0115 981 1143. So don't let the weather spoil the festivities, be prepared for all meteorological eventualities! Bob Alderton, Operations Director

Happy Christmas to Nottingham

By Amanda McCaw on Monday 5th December, 2016
Our 'tree of light' in West Bridgford is becoming something of a tradition. For the second year, we've dressed a London Plane Tree in Tudor Square with 2,500 low energy lights. Last year’s light show received so many lovely comments, we thought we’d better do it again! Tudor Square is now looking very festive and we hope that shoppers, visitors and residents alike enjoy the display. The lights switch-on was a fabulous event and we were very happy to be involved - setting up the stalls for those selling Christmas gifts, mulled wine and festive food, and cleaning up everything afterwards. A very happy Christmas to all The Streetwise Team