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Proud to be Hedgehog Heroes

By Amanda McCaw on Thursday 30th March, 2017
We're supporting Hedgehog Awareness Week, and hedgehogs generally, by making sure our operatives check for hedgehogs before using mowers, strimmers, and other machinery that threatens this protected species. Hedgehog Awareness Week runs from 30th April to 6th May '17. Organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society it highlights the problems hedgehogs face and how they can be helped. The British hedgehog population is in serious decline. Research indicates that populations have fallen by 30% in towns, and 50% in the country, since the turn of the century. So how can we all help? The British Hedgehog Preservation Society says that the best way of helping hedgehogs is to help them avoid man-made hazards, and providing them with suitable places to nest. Hedgehogs love slugs, beetles and caterpillers, and they do no harm, so if you're lucky enough to have a hedgehog population in your garden, do your best to look after them, and prevent them from harm. - Avoid using slug pellets which will poison your hedgehog visitors. Or if you can't accept the slugs, place pellets in a spot inaccessible to hedgehogs, and remove dead slugs daily. - Use other garden pesticides as sparingly as possible. - Provide hedgehogs with an exit from garden ponds by creating sloping slipways around the edge of the water. Cover swimming pools at night time, and place floats near the side for hedgehogs to clamber onto. - Take care when tidying piles of leaves and other garden debris that you're not disturbing a hedgehog nest. - Hedgehogs can get their heads stuck in tins and pots put out in the rubbish. Keep refuse bags off the ground so they can't get in! - Keep outbuildings, garages and greenhouses closed at night so hedgehogs don't become trapped. - Make sure there's an access hole in fences and walls allowing hedgehogs to move freely garden to garden. - Cover drains and deep holes - Keep netting at a safe height to prevent hedgehogs becoming tangled and trapped. - Make sure your dog is hedgehog friendly, or kept under control! And don't worry ? hedgehog fleas are specific to hedgehogs and won't infest your pets. - A suitable hedgehog diet includes hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food or cat biscuits. They need plenty of water, NOT cow's milk. - Hedgehogs hibernation period is roughly November to March. It's important to check there are no nests under garden bonfires, or to move rubbish to a new site before setting fire to it. To find out more about Hedgehog Awareness Week, how you can get involved, and for masses of hedgehog-related information, visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society's website. The Streetwise Team

Spring into Spring...

By Amanda McCaw on Wednesday 15th March, 2017
The evenings are getting lighter, and our dormant gardens are starting to show signs of life. Spring is just around the corner. Gardens that have had the curtains drawn against them during the long dark winter may need a little attention. Some of the jobs you should be thinking about over the next six weeks include: * Choose a dry day to give your lawn the first mow of the season. Ensure the blades are set high. * New turf can be laid if the ground isn?t frozen or waterlogged. * Pressure wash or scrub patios and paths * Add plenty of organic matter to heavy soils to improve their drainage * Add fresh compost to containers, and top up raised beds too * Catch any pests or diseases early to avoid an infestation later Some garden jobs can just seem too difficult, or may need specialist skills or machinery and kit. If you need help with your outdoor jobs, you can give us a call. We have a great team with all the skills and equipment to get the structure of your garden ready for the warmer months, leaving it ready for you to do the more interesting and less labour-intensive chores. If you call us quoting the voucher number below, you?ll get a 10% discount. Services offered: Fencing:     * We can repair or replace broken or damaged areas of fencing, repair or replace gates, and give your wooden structures a new coat of wood preservative or paint. Gutter clearance:     * Clear your gutters of accumulated winter debris. Our team use a powerful wet and dry vacuum system that has an immense reach without the need for expensive scaffolding or ladders. Garden maintenance:     * Give your lawn a good start to the growing season with a professional cut, or let us lay new turf in areas that need a face lift. Now is the time to plant new trees, shrubs and bulbs ? our team is ready! Tree works:     * Our expert tree team is on hand to prune, pollard, manage and train your existing trees, plan and plant new ones and remove trees or stumps. Garage and shed clearance:     * Sometimes there?s too little junk for a skip, but too much for a trip to the recycling centre. We?ll come and take single items, or large quantities of rubbish to help you with your spring clear up. Call us for a quote. Do give us a call to discuss your requirements. No job is too large or small and we?re trustworthy, reliable, adaptive and responsive. We?re environmentally aware and we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We offer competitive rates and a free, no obligation quotation.     * We carry out an on-site risk assessment for all contracts to ensure safety for staff and customers     * We operate under a quality assurance scheme having attained ISO9001, and have Public Liability Insurance, Products Liability Insurance and Employer's Liability Insurance, all to £10m Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on 0115 914 8408 / streetwise@streetwiseenvironmental.co.uk QUOTE SPRBL2017 FOR A 10% DISCOUNT Happy gardening The Streetwise Team

The Great British Spring Clean - Heroes Wanted!

By Amanda McCaw on Wednesday 22nd February, 2017
The Great British Spring Clean Initiative is taking place from the 3rd to 5th March 2017. It's a campaign with one simple ambition ? to bring together people from across the country to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and coastline. The Great British Spring Clean has gone from strength to strength. It started in 2015 as the brainchild of one individual, and in March 2016, the Clean for the Queen campaign inspired 250,000 people to get involved in their local communities. This year, the campaign is hoping to inspire 500,000 people to get involved. They're calling on individuals, community groups, charities, sports clubs, businesses and local authorities to sign up and take part. At Streetwise Environmental, we're working with Rushcliffe Borough Council to support this wonderful initiative. We're providing rubbish bags free of charge, and a free collection and disposal service from a designated location for the bags you've filled! We can also offer you very reasonable rates for the supply and delivery of litter picking equipment including gloves, Hi Viz jackets and litter pickers. You can find out more about the campaign, check where your local event is happening, or register here www.greatbritishspringclean.org.uk. Follow what's happening on Twitter using #GBSpringClean If you'd like us to support your community by providing bags, collections, or litter-picking kit, please contact eneary@streetwiseenvironmental.co.uk at Streetwise Environmental for further information. But why restrict your spring clean to a few days in March? If you'd like to continue keeping your community clean and tidy, we can support you with a range of additional services. * Tree and Arboricultural Services; planning and planting schemes, pruning and pollarding, TPO inspections, pest and pathogen control * Environmental Services; mechanical sweeping, graffiti removal, gritting services, grass cutting, hedge cutting and weed spraying * Playground and Recreational Services; line marking, ROSPA inspections, repair and maintenance of playground equipment, mowing and maintenance of sports fields and pitches * Cleaning Services; window cleaning (internal and external), deep specialist cleaning services, gutter clearance and full janitorial services For your free, no obligation quote, and a 10% discount till the end of May, please contact Emily Neary at eneary@streetwiseenvironmental.co.uk quoting SPRCL2017. Terms and Conditions Streetwise can only remove litter from public areas, not privately owned land. The Parish Council are responsible for obtaining a quote for gloves and litter pickers and are responsible for informing Streetwise Environmental where the rubbish bags will be located ready for collection and disposal. Happy spring cleaning! From the Streetwise Team Tel: 0115 914 8408